My New Baby!

Introduce you to my lovely Calluna! It’s a small heather plant I got while went shopping along with my friend last Saturday. She also got her front door a flower plant, which had rich sunset pink, orange, yellow, and red.

I have always wanted to have some green plants sitting inside the house; however, Blake (a energetic cat my boyfriend and I have) has eaten/destroyed four of my tiny succulents. So this time, I decided to bought back an outdoor plant, and since it’s going to be sitting out to greet our neighbors everyday, why not go with some colors?


And here it is! Being all very cheerful and lively. I have been enjoying going outside to sprinkle some water on and chat with it every morning. The front door is the best place for it to get sunlight because Calluna needs a lot! At first, I was a bit worried that whether the light was too much (there is no shades out there) and would cause the plant to dry off, but so far it has been doing really well.

It’s nice to be greeted by the pink and white buds whenever I get home; this tiny plant just brings so much life to  the surrounding area. Since Calluna is perennial, I expect to see it bub blooming again next year and hopefully with other companies : )


Tiny Members.


I have always wanted to have plants in the house, the greens make the room more lively and refreshing. Last Saturday, My friend and I went to Saturday’s Market near the waterfront to get some succulents plants. She already has some on her table, along with the crystals she has collected. Speaking of crystals, I got another one last week! It is Dugway Geode.


Similar to my first crystal, this one is also in blue. However, instead of being just a blue object, the crystal is wrapped with a layer of volcano rock. I love the subtleness of the reflection; when I put it under the sun, the crystal part does not being too glaring to look at.


Back to the plants, they were so adorable sitting on the table of the booth. At the beginning, I was only planning to get 4 of them because there was a deal for that; however, I could not make decision between the two for the forth one, so I brought all of them home with me. It took me… almost an hour to pick these 5 I think, but I did not regret my choices.

I place them on my desk, so I get to have some companies when  working on stuff at my table everyday. For some reason, those plants calm my mind, but I still get pretty upset with our kitten jumping on my desk and messes around with everything she could find… Sigh, that is one big thing I need to learn to deal with.


Me Before You.

The reason why I picked this book up from the library was because I saw the trailer about this movie; it brought tear into my eyes. Strangely, the trailer was filled with laughter and love, but it touched my heart and the next I did was going on to library’s website to place a hold on the novel. I have become much more emotional since I have been in a positive relationship.


Yeah, the kitten does not like to look at the camera lol

*Spoiler Alert!

*The book touches some sensitive subjects; however, I am not going to go deep into that.


Generally speaking, I like the story and I can say that I relate to the main protagonist, Lou (Louisa), a lot. I was like her, living in my confined world. Did not think much about my future; allowed my dreams gone wild but never really put them into action; and lack of confidence, thinking that there was nothing I could do because I did not fit into that category. However, at some point my thoughts had changed. Like Lou was pushed/forced by Will to open her horizon, I started challenging myself because I have met my boyfriend, and I want to be better. I want to be a person that can be relied on, in any kind; and become a person who is responsible for herself, not fully depend on other people for approvals and happiness. Although Lou did not like those ideas at first, she was amazed and realized how ample her abilities and the world are. I was very happy for her to finally recognize.

About Will, he was in a very difficult and complicated situation. I do not blame him for what he had decided; in fact, I probably would want to do the same if I was him, if my family gave me the authority to make a decision. I felt a bit upset when Lou kept trying to change Will’s mind, to be honest. I understand her feeling, how could I bear someone’s death when I care so much about him/her and knowing that they still have lots possibilities? But at the same time I do not want to see them suffer. If they had tried, if they had thought thoroughly and discussed it openly, in a calm mind, then I do not understand the point or any right to stop them.

That is my thought. I know I will be crying to see them leave, but I know they will be in peace and I will keep my life adventurous and fulfilling.


Today is my last day for Winter quarter, so I met up with my friend and took her to a kimono sale. I have gone to the store by myself yesterday already and got myself a coat-like one with subtle pink and grey zigzag patterns all over the fabric, which I intent to wear it as a cardigan only at home. It might be weird, but I do not like to wear those jackets/coats that I would wear outside at home. Maybe it is because they have zipper or bottoms on them that make me feel less relaxing to just wear a kimono cardigan?

I did not pick any one back today even though I kind of wanted to; I probably will go back again to see their last selection. Sometimes by looking at those fabric and feel their textures satisfy me already.

Anyway, my friend took me to the crystal shop, The Fossil Cartel, after lunch. It is a medium sized store, but holds so many different crystals and rocks and we went crazy about them!

At the end, I took home this blue calcite. It is not a rare stone; however, it caught my attention at the moment I lied eyes on it. The blue is so soothing and calming, and the waxy-felt surface shines under lights without being too stinging to the eyes. I led it set by the windowsill  for about half an hour to clean and recharge the energy for the stone. I did not study any thing about crystals before, but this time I really want to take care of this adorable thing and let its power to gently improve our life and energy.


A Working Spot.

I am super excited about it and have been waited for a few days to finally be able to wrote a blog about this: I finally got my first desktop in 22 years and a lovely desk for 10 months! 



My boyfriend and I have moved into this studio in last June. Very quickly after that, we got a table using as a desk for his PC. At that point, I decided not having a desk for myself because our studio doesn’t provide much space and I can use the counter/dinning table in the kitchen as a working space, since I only had a laptop and working primarily on it as well. However, soon I realized the inconvenience.

First, I use a drawing tablet for digital drawing, which every time I have to adjust my laptop to an odd angle in able to slightly fit the tablet on the right position. Second, I need to move my laptop back and forth from the counter to the floor when we have meals; and do it the other way around when I need to start working again. It is not that big of a deal, but still causes me some troubles. Third and the reason that I decided to get a desktop is that the coloration on my laptop is not correct. Everything looks much more bluer than on any other devices. I did not notice the problem until I looked at a picture I drew on my boyfriend’s desktop, and that will be a problem if I did not do anything in the future because what I do is all about art. And the huge color difference will indeed be a thing.

So I had been looking for a good PC, I decided to pick the brand that I favored and familiar with, besides, it is the manufacture from my home country : ) I bought the tower and the monitor as a bundle when the tower was on sale, and it include wired mouse and keyboard, too! That was a great deal and I am truly in love with my it right now. I purchased the items on last Monday and got the package on that Wednesday as well, but I decided to wait for a bit longer to share this news since it was just sitting on the floor since.



We then went to pick up a desk from IKEA (and that’s where almost of our furniture came from,) I had looked up online, so I knew exactly what kind of desk I wanted. After we brought back to our place, my boyfriend assembled the desk for me and helped my reattaching the cables for my desktop. Looked like I made several mistakes when I first did it myself lol

So here you go! My newly assembled desk and an awesome desktop. I am also waiting for the monitor stand to come which I ordered online, so that my keyboard has somewhere to store while I put my drawing tablet on the desk, then my desk will be really well functioned! I am so excited, It feels so great to write this blog on a PC and sitting in front of a desk ^^



First Project done!

Just a few days ago, I finished illustrating pictures for a children’s book which was my first internship project. My employer also led me to do text editing for front and back cover, so I could say that I finished a good portion of the project.

It had been a really exciting journey, though it was just the first, I had worked my best to come up illustrations that fit well with the story. My employer had been very supportive, and so was the author who I drew pictures for. They love my art, which was the happiest and most encouraging thing I could ever heard from the people I worked with : ) I seldom and almost never needed to go back to change my images once they were sent out for reviewing, that was one reason that I wrapped this project up much earlier than planned. The other reason was: I knew how much the author would want to see her baby sitting in bookstores and  selling online because if I was a writer, I would love to see my work get publish as soon as I finished.

I do not think I can post the images here since it has not been published, but once it is out, I will definitely write a post about it.

According to the publishing company, the book will be published after March. I could not hide my excitement but allowed myself imaging looking at the new book sitting behind a glass window of a bookstore. I literally did that when passing a store two days ago XD

Anyway, the second project has come to my to-do list. it is very different from the first project, which I also decided to work  on paper instead on a computer. I think it will be as fun as I did the first one : )

Early Birthday Presents.


(A masking tape with animal orchestra, a chapstick with tinted rose color and fragrance, and a lovely hand-written card!)

I am beloved! I was so surprised when I checked our mailbox yesterday and saw this wonderful package lying inside it. I did not know what it was until I spotted the name on the package. Yes, it was from one of my best friends! She is a really sweet and caring girl, and I am really really grateful to have her in my life : )

The card is adorable, so many kinds of cakes are printed on the front, which added the birthday atmosphere and also made me crave for sweet pastry. The masking tape is just cute! Both of us like collecting masking tape and decorate our planners or something we think that needs some colors. She got this roll when she was visiting Taiwan (where I am from) with her husband last Christmas, so the animals on the tape are all special species in Taiwan. The rose fragrant chapstick is super lovely! Right now I like to wear lipstick when I go out; however, I do not bring lipsticks with me because I always layer the colors, which means I would need to bring three to four out with me, and that just too much for me XD So it is wonderful that I have a tinted chapstick; even the colors of my lipsticks fade, I can still keep some color on my lips when wearing this chapstick, not to mention that it is super moisturized ^^

Thank you my dear friend, I wish we will be able to hang out again in the future. Miss you and love you!