Dream House


In about 3 months, my boyfriend and I are going to move to a new apartment. We kind of have an idea where we want to live; however, it is always fun to check out lots of different floor plans in different buildings, if it was not for “searching a place to move-in,” but dreaming.

I would love to have giant windows in the living room, so that every morning we can enjoy the sunlight. I would put a love seat against the wall next to the windows and a small sized table before it. Round shaped table would be really awesome. And bookshelf, it would be placed either beside the sofa or the wall across to it. A fireplace would be pretty awesome, too.

One of the rooms would be our office, where we can play PC games together or working on our own project. So I guess the room will be pack because I will have all my art stuff store in there. I might work in the living room some times as well if I needed a bigger space. If possible, I really really want to have a giant desk which has drawers and shelves. On top of it would be my new desktop and drawing tablet, along with printing paper, color pencils, and watercolor brushes, and so many other things!

Aw, I am so excited right now just by imagining my dream house : D

The other room, might be smaller than the office, would be our bedroom. It would be a pretty simple room that only has the tatami mats and futon where we sleep on. A wooden drawer would be there to expand the space of the closet. Oh, I would decorate the room with tiny light bolts, lanterns, or some sort of lightning things.

It would be so great and lovely. I cannot wait for our new life at a new apartment to begin. So many adventures await for us!


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