On My Own.

My boyfriend flew to Wisconsin this morning for 4 days. Even though it was not the first time we separate, I still feel down and lonely throughout the day. However, I did complete a few things today, such as finishing another illustration for my internship, cleaning the house, listening to bunch of Blackwell Podcast, placing holds on some books I plan to read, and writing this post.

I will go to the city library tomorrow to pick up “We Have Always Lived in the Castle” by Shirley Jackson, which has been recommended by CutiePie Marzia to marzipans several times. I am very curious about the story and hope it will help me get through these lonely days.  I was a bit lazy today, after drove back from the airport around 6 o’clock, I went on to bed and tried to sleep. It was difficult to sleep without my boyfriend around and Blake only snuggled with me for a few seconds Q.Q  Finally I feel asleep and when I woke up, it was almost noon.

So, tomorrow I am going to wake up earlier, have a nice breakfast and then head to the library. Then I will read a couple chapters of the book and  keep working on the illustrations. If I keep up the speed, I might be able to finish the project by Monday! Which will be super awesome!

Going to complete some more chores and settle myself. Complete the image I have worked on today, then I will go take a pleasant warm shower. Bye!


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