We Have Always Lived in the Castle.


Yes it is a library book.

Like I mentioned on my previous post, I decided to read this novel is because I have seem CutiePie Marzia recommends it many times, and also I am alone for these four days without my boyfriend around. In stead just jamming myself with schoolwork and internship project, reading would serve my days well.

I finished this book today and after led my thoughts digested, I want to talk about how I think about Shirley Jackson’s final novel.

*Spoiler Alters*

*It is just my initial thoughts about the story, I believe many will change after reading other people’s review online*

I have to say, it is truly a great story. The atmosphere builds up effectively and quickly once the last sentence of the first paragraph is read. I could feel the tension in the town when Merrycat went for grocery shopping for her beloved sister Constance. Just based on her narration, base on Merricat described her journey to the town and the people’s reactions toward her presence, I felt so uneasy and wanted to push those people away, and let Merricat did her shopping peacefully. I can’t understand how much hatreds they have to turn against a teenage girl like that. I was particularly disappointed about Stella who Merricat thought of, in her imagination or wish, sparing her live while others are dying, laughed with Jim after she stepped off of the store.

The tension and discomfort disappeared when Merricat locked the gate and walked along the path to the house. I really loved this part up until their cousin came and brought disruptions. I admired how simple yet fulfilling their life was in their family’s house. They had regular tasks for everyday and they were very clear on their responsibilities, who should do that and who should not touch that. They cleaned the house on Monday each week, dusted every corner on the floor, and made sure everything was on its place as it was six years ago. Constance tended a garden where grew vegetables, fruits, and some flowers, so besides meats, eggs, and milk, they could support themselves with the food that grew in the garden. Other days, Merricat would go around the fence, which their had built to prevent villager from walking into their front door, checking the pedlock was lock and tiding the wires if they were loose to make sure they are secured. Yes, their life is confined; however, it is the only way to keep them safe. Most importantly, they had enjoyed it, a lot.

Until Cousin Charles came and everything was falling apart. I could totally understand the anger and threaten that Merricat had toward him. I myself was so into the story and the characters which made me want to be a ghost in the house and drive Charles away. All he saw was the hidden fortune the family had and neglected the richness that the sisters and their uncle had had.

The story ended openly, I am not sure what will happen to the sisters. However, I do hope, as they kept their life in the house, the peace and happiness will be with them.


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