Life Action Project.

I am taking a class called “Visual Story Telling” at school; however, it is very video-based. One of our major project is forming a group of 4 to 5 people and use the list we came out during the class to shoot a video.

Our list is: King, knight, and garden.

The basic plot line is a king enjoying his beautifully constructed garden in a bright sunny day, but a knight uses his magic power, steals the crown from the king, and tricks the king to look for his crown. Later the king found out the truth and they had a aggressive fight, until the king knocked away the crown from the knight and a person/traveler picks it up and walks away.

Because each group member is going to edit their own videos, we also shot different footage for varied endings. We can either follow the idea or change it as much as we like.

The shooting was really fun, though one member was a bit late and our camera did not work well when we first began shooting, so it took us a while to finally start the work. I was the camera person using the school’s camera and also the person/traveler who pick out the crown and hopped away happily. Usually I would feel very uncomfortable in front of a camera; however, it also made me realize how much I have changed. I was a girl that would not speak before a class, but today I was acting with exaggerated postures and facial expressions. I am proud of myself lol

I look forward to start working on those footage on Thursday, but right now I have to go and do other schoolwork and perhaps preparing the dinner! Bye : )


(P.S. I would definitely have some more pictures after I have a better camera on my phone ><)


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