Early Birthday Presents.


(A masking tape with animal orchestra, a chapstick with tinted rose color and fragrance, and a lovely hand-written card!)

I am beloved! I was so surprised when I checked our mailbox yesterday and saw this wonderful package lying inside it. I did not know what it was until I spotted the name on the package. Yes, it was from one of my best friends! She is a really sweet and caring girl, and I am really really grateful to have her in my life : )

The card is adorable, so many kinds of cakes are printed on the front, which added the birthday atmosphere and also made me crave for sweet pastry. The masking tape is just cute! Both of us like collecting masking tape and decorate our planners or something we think that needs some colors. She got this roll when she was visiting Taiwan (where I am from) with her husband last Christmas, so the animals on the tape are all special species in Taiwan. The rose fragrant chapstick is super lovely! Right now I like to wear lipstick when I go out; however, I do not bring lipsticks with me because I always layer the colors, which means I would need to bring three to four out with me, and that just too much for me XD So it is wonderful that I have a tinted chapstick; even the colors of my lipsticks fade, I can still keep some color on my lips when wearing this chapstick, not to mention that it is super moisturized ^^

Thank you my dear friend, I wish we will be able to hang out again in the future. Miss you and love you!



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