First Project done!

Just a few days ago, I finished illustrating pictures for a children’s book which was my first internship project. My employer also led me to do text editing for front and back cover, so I could say that I finished a good portion of the project.

It had been a really exciting journey, though it was just the first, I had worked my best to come up illustrations that fit well with the story. My employer had been very supportive, and so was the author who I drew pictures for. They love my art, which was the happiest and most encouraging thing I could ever heard from the people I worked with : ) I seldom and almost never needed to go back to change my images once they were sent out for reviewing, that was one reason that I wrapped this project up much earlier than planned. The other reason was: I knew how much the author would want to see her baby sitting in bookstores and  selling online because if I was a writer, I would love to see my work get publish as soon as I finished.

I do not think I can post the images here since it has not been published, but once it is out, I will definitely write a post about it.

According to the publishing company, the book will be published after March. I could not hide my excitement but allowed myself imaging looking at the new book sitting behind a glass window of a bookstore. I literally did that when passing a store two days ago XD

Anyway, the second project has come to my to-do list. it is very different from the first project, which I also decided to work  on paper instead on a computer. I think it will be as fun as I did the first one : )


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