A Working Spot.

I am super excited about it and have been waited for a few days to finally be able to wrote a blog about this: I finally got my first desktop in 22 years and a lovely desk for 10 months! 



My boyfriend and I have moved into this studio in last June. Very quickly after that, we got a table using as a desk for his PC. At that point, I decided not having a desk for myself because our studio doesn’t provide much space and I can use the counter/dinning table in the kitchen as a working space, since I only had a laptop and working primarily on it as well. However, soon I realized the inconvenience.

First, I use a drawing tablet for digital drawing, which every time I have to adjust my laptop to an odd angle in able to slightly fit the tablet on the right position. Second, I need to move my laptop back and forth from the counter to the floor when we have meals; and do it the other way around when I need to start working again. It is not that big of a deal, but still causes me some troubles. Third and the reason that I decided to get a desktop is that the coloration on my laptop is not correct. Everything looks much more bluer than on any other devices. I did not notice the problem until I looked at a picture I drew on my boyfriend’s desktop, and that will be a problem if I did not do anything in the future because what I do is all about art. And the huge color difference will indeed be a thing.

So I had been looking for a good PC, I decided to pick the brand that I favored and familiar with, besides, it is the manufacture from my home country : ) I bought the tower and the monitor as a bundle when the tower was on sale, and it include wired mouse and keyboard, too! That was a great deal and I am truly in love with my it right now. I purchased the items on last Monday and got the package on that Wednesday as well, but I decided to wait for a bit longer to share this news since it was just sitting on the floor since.



We then went to pick up a desk from IKEA (and that’s where almost of our furniture came from,) I had looked up online, so I knew exactly what kind of desk I wanted. After we brought back to our place, my boyfriend assembled the desk for me and helped my reattaching the cables for my desktop. Looked like I made several mistakes when I first did it myself lol

So here you go! My newly assembled desk and an awesome desktop. I am also waiting for the monitor stand to come which I ordered online, so that my keyboard has somewhere to store while I put my drawing tablet on the desk, then my desk will be really well functioned! I am so excited, It feels so great to write this blog on a PC and sitting in front of a desk ^^




2 thoughts on “A Working Spot.

  1. It looks really neat! I love the butterflies. Desktops are really cool but I keep moving to different countries so I can’t get one (they’re too hard to transport…)


    1. The butterflies garland is actually a Christmas gift from last year. I like how colorful they are and they add a natural and cheerful atmosphere to the room : )

      Moving the desktop will indeed be a challenge; my boyfriend and I are going to move to another place in May and both of us have a desktop… So we will need to figure something out XD

      Where are you living now? : )


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