Today is my last day for Winter quarter, so I met up with my friend and took her to a kimono sale. I have gone to the store by myself yesterday already and got myself a coat-like one with subtle pink and grey zigzag patterns all over the fabric, which I intent to wear it as a cardigan only at home. It might be weird, but I do not like to wear those jackets/coats that I would wear outside at home. Maybe it is because they have zipper or bottoms on them that make me feel less relaxing to just wear a kimono cardigan?

I did not pick any one back today even though I kind of wanted to; I probably will go back again to see their last selection. Sometimes by looking at those fabric and feel their textures satisfy me already.

Anyway, my friend took me to the crystal shop, The Fossil Cartel, after lunch. It is a medium sized store, but holds so many different crystals and rocks and we went crazy about them!

At the end, I took home this blue calcite. It is not a rare stone; however, it caught my attention at the moment I lied eyes on it. The blue is so soothing and calming, and the waxy-felt surface shines under lights without being too stinging to the eyes. I led it set by the windowsill  for about half an hour to clean and recharge the energy for the stone. I did not study any thing about crystals before, but this time I really want to take care of this adorable thing and let its power to gently improve our life and energy.



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