Me Before You.

The reason why I picked this book up from the library was because I saw the trailer about this movie; it brought tear into my eyes. Strangely, the trailer was filled with laughter and love, but it touched my heart and the next I did was going on to library’s website to place a hold on the novel. I have become much more emotional since I have been in a positive relationship.


Yeah, the kitten does not like to look at the camera lol

*Spoiler Alert!

*The book touches some sensitive subjects; however, I am not going to go deep into that.


Generally speaking, I like the story and I can say that I relate to the main protagonist, Lou (Louisa), a lot. I was like her, living in my confined world. Did not think much about my future; allowed my dreams gone wild but never really put them into action; and lack of confidence, thinking that there was nothing I could do because I did not fit into that category. However, at some point my thoughts had changed. Like Lou was pushed/forced by Will to open her horizon, I started challenging myself because I have met my boyfriend, and I want to be better. I want to be a person that can be relied on, in any kind; and become a person who is responsible for herself, not fully depend on other people for approvals and happiness. Although Lou did not like those ideas at first, she was amazed and realized how ample her abilities and the world are. I was very happy for her to finally recognize.

About Will, he was in a very difficult and complicated situation. I do not blame him for what he had decided; in fact, I probably would want to do the same if I was him, if my family gave me the authority to make a decision. I felt a bit upset when Lou kept trying to change Will’s mind, to be honest. I understand her feeling, how could I bear someone’s death when I care so much about him/her and knowing that they still have lots possibilities? But at the same time I do not want to see them suffer. If they had tried, if they had thought thoroughly and discussed it openly, in a calm mind, then I do not understand the point or any right to stop them.

That is my thought. I know I will be crying to see them leave, but I know they will be in peace and I will keep my life adventurous and fulfilling.


2 thoughts on “Me Before You.

  1. This is so crazy! Just yesterday, I checked out one one of Jojo Moyes’ books she wrote after the one you read. To be honest I didn’t read your post after the spoiler alert (just in case I read it haha) but over all did you enjoy her style and writing? The one I got is called Paris for One, haven’t started it yet!


    1. It was an easy read for me. Her style of writing is pretty fluent and smooth,and carries the emotions well : ) I will definitely check out “Paris for One” in the future.


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