Tiny Members.


I have always wanted to have plants in the house, the greens make the room more lively and refreshing. Last Saturday, My friend and I went to Saturday’s Market near the waterfront to get some succulents plants. She already has some on her table, along with the crystals she has collected. Speaking of crystals, I got another one last week! It is Dugway Geode.


Similar to my first crystal, this one is also in blue. However, instead of being just a blue object, the crystal is wrapped with a layer of volcano rock. I love the subtleness of the reflection; when I put it under the sun, the crystal part does not being too glaring to look at.


Back to the plants, they were so adorable sitting on the table of the booth. At the beginning, I was only planning to get 4 of them because there was a deal for that; however, I could not make decision between the two for the forth one, so I brought all of them home with me. It took me… almost an hour to pick these 5 I think, but I did not regret my choices.

I place them on my desk, so I get to have some companies when  working on stuff at my table everyday. For some reason, those plants calm my mind, but I still get pretty upset with our kitten jumping on my desk and messes around with everything she could find… Sigh, that is one big thing I need to learn to deal with.



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