My New Baby!

Introduce you to my lovely Calluna! It’s a small heather plant I got while went shopping along with my friend last Saturday. She also got her front door a flower plant, which had rich sunset pink, orange, yellow, and red.

I have always wanted to have some green plants sitting inside the house; however, Blake (a energetic cat my boyfriend and I have) has eaten/destroyed four of my tiny succulents. So this time, I decided to bought back an outdoor plant, and since it’s going to be sitting out to greet our neighbors everyday, why not go with some colors?


And here it is! Being all very cheerful and lively. I have been enjoying going outside to sprinkle some water on and chat with it every morning. The front door is the best place for it to get sunlight because Calluna needs a lot! At first, I was a bit worried that whether the light was too much (there is no shades out there) and would cause the plant to dry off, but so far it has been doing really well.

It’s nice to be greeted by the pink and white buds whenever I get home; this tiny plant just brings so much life to  the surrounding area. Since Calluna is perennial, I expect to see it bub blooming again next year and hopefully with other companies : )


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