Life Action Project.

I am taking a class called “Visual Story Telling” at school; however, it is very video-based. One of our major project is forming a group of 4 to 5 people and use the list we came out during the class to shoot a video.

Our list is: King, knight, and garden.

The basic plot line is a king enjoying his beautifully constructed garden in a bright sunny day, but a knight uses his magic power, steals the crown from the king, and tricks the king to look for his crown. Later the king found out the truth and they had a aggressive fight, until the king knocked away the crown from the knight and a person/traveler picks it up and walks away.

Because each group member is going to edit their own videos, we also shot different footage for varied endings. We can either follow the idea or change it as much as we like.

The shooting was really fun, though one member was a bit late and our camera did not work well when we first began shooting, so it took us a while to finally start the work. I was the camera person using the school’s camera and also the person/traveler who pick out the crown and hopped away happily. Usually I would feel very uncomfortable in front of a camera; however, it also made me realize how much I have changed. I was a girl that would not speak before a class, but today I was acting with exaggerated postures and facial expressions. I am proud of myself lol

I look forward to start working on those footage on Thursday, but right now I have to go and do other schoolwork and perhaps preparing the dinner! Bye : )


(P.S. I would definitely have some more pictures after I have a better camera on my phone ><)



This weekend have been really productive. I finished drawing the illustrations for a story, after they get approved, only a cover and another image await for me to complete!

I also trimmed my hair a bit on Saturday. One reason was the ends got really dry which did feel nice when I brush my hair. The other reason, it might sound weird, but I was down for awhile because my boyfriend was away, cutting some of my hair helped me release the negative emotion and make me feel fresh again.

Oh, and the novel “We Have Always Lived in the Castle” is really awesome! It is a short story, but the setting, characters, and atmosphere are so rich. I spend a well few hours this two days reading it, and it got me chilled when I finished the last sentence. If you had not read it yet, find a chance, it worth.

The biggest excitement is that my love is coming home tomorrow! I cannot wait to give him a big hug when he gets back and I cannot wait to hold him in my arms as I fall asleep soundly. Just another day.


Going to bed soon. Tomorrow will be another productive day for sure! Good night : )

We Have Always Lived in the Castle.


Yes it is a library book.

Like I mentioned on my previous post, I decided to read this novel is because I have seem CutiePie Marzia recommends it many times, and also I am alone for these four days without my boyfriend around. In stead just jamming myself with schoolwork and internship project, reading would serve my days well.

I finished this book today and after led my thoughts digested, I want to talk about how I think about Shirley Jackson’s final novel.

*Spoiler Alters*

*It is just my initial thoughts about the story, I believe many will change after reading other people’s review online*

I have to say, it is truly a great story. The atmosphere builds up effectively and quickly once the last sentence of the first paragraph is read. I could feel the tension in the town when Merrycat went for grocery shopping for her beloved sister Constance. Just based on her narration, base on Merricat described her journey to the town and the people’s reactions toward her presence, I felt so uneasy and wanted to push those people away, and let Merricat did her shopping peacefully. I can’t understand how much hatreds they have to turn against a teenage girl like that. I was particularly disappointed about Stella who Merricat thought of, in her imagination or wish, sparing her live while others are dying, laughed with Jim after she stepped off of the store.

The tension and discomfort disappeared when Merricat locked the gate and walked along the path to the house. I really loved this part up until their cousin came and brought disruptions. I admired how simple yet fulfilling their life was in their family’s house. They had regular tasks for everyday and they were very clear on their responsibilities, who should do that and who should not touch that. They cleaned the house on Monday each week, dusted every corner on the floor, and made sure everything was on its place as it was six years ago. Constance tended a garden where grew vegetables, fruits, and some flowers, so besides meats, eggs, and milk, they could support themselves with the food that grew in the garden. Other days, Merricat would go around the fence, which their had built to prevent villager from walking into their front door, checking the pedlock was lock and tiding the wires if they were loose to make sure they are secured. Yes, their life is confined; however, it is the only way to keep them safe. Most importantly, they had enjoyed it, a lot.

Until Cousin Charles came and everything was falling apart. I could totally understand the anger and threaten that Merricat had toward him. I myself was so into the story and the characters which made me want to be a ghost in the house and drive Charles away. All he saw was the hidden fortune the family had and neglected the richness that the sisters and their uncle had had.

The story ended openly, I am not sure what will happen to the sisters. However, I do hope, as they kept their life in the house, the peace and happiness will be with them.

On My Own.

My boyfriend flew to Wisconsin this morning for 4 days. Even though it was not the first time we separate, I still feel down and lonely throughout the day. However, I did complete a few things today, such as finishing another illustration for my internship, cleaning the house, listening to bunch of Blackwell Podcast, placing holds on some books I plan to read, and writing this post.

I will go to the city library tomorrow to pick up “We Have Always Lived in the Castle” by Shirley Jackson, which has been recommended by CutiePie Marzia to marzipans several times. I am very curious about the story and hope it will help me get through these lonely days.  I was a bit lazy today, after drove back from the airport around 6 o’clock, I went on to bed and tried to sleep. It was difficult to sleep without my boyfriend around and Blake only snuggled with me for a few seconds Q.Q  Finally I feel asleep and when I woke up, it was almost noon.

So, tomorrow I am going to wake up earlier, have a nice breakfast and then head to the library. Then I will read a couple chapters of the book and  keep working on the illustrations. If I keep up the speed, I might be able to finish the project by Monday! Which will be super awesome!

Going to complete some more chores and settle myself. Complete the image I have worked on today, then I will go take a pleasant warm shower. Bye!

Bity Kitty.

Our 5-month-old kitty, Blake, is super bity (as I am typing right now, she is attacking my hands). It is alright if she just nibbled, but she goes very hard every time. She used to bite our faces or noses in the morning, I am glad she is not doing that anymore.

She also like to sprint out through the front door and just scratches the floor and roll over around. It has been a routine for three of us: open the door, see the kitty sprints out and does her work, ask her to come home, and either one of us will go ahead and bring her in. However, it is still very amusing to see her does that every time ^^

Dream House


In about 3 months, my boyfriend and I are going to move to a new apartment. We kind of have an idea where we want to live; however, it is always fun to check out lots of different floor plans in different buildings, if it was not for “searching a place to move-in,” but dreaming.

I would love to have giant windows in the living room, so that every morning we can enjoy the sunlight. I would put a love seat against the wall next to the windows and a small sized table before it. Round shaped table would be really awesome. And bookshelf, it would be placed either beside the sofa or the wall across to it. A fireplace would be pretty awesome, too.

One of the rooms would be our office, where we can play PC games together or working on our own project. So I guess the room will be pack because I will have all my art stuff store in there. I might work in the living room some times as well if I needed a bigger space. If possible, I really really want to have a giant desk which has drawers and shelves. On top of it would be my new desktop and drawing tablet, along with printing paper, color pencils, and watercolor brushes, and so many other things!

Aw, I am so excited right now just by imagining my dream house : D

The other room, might be smaller than the office, would be our bedroom. It would be a pretty simple room that only has the tatami mats and futon where we sleep on. A wooden drawer would be there to expand the space of the closet. Oh, I would decorate the room with tiny light bolts, lanterns, or some sort of lightning things.

It would be so great and lovely. I cannot wait for our new life at a new apartment to begin. So many adventures await for us!

New Blog and New Life.

I have almost gone through half of the Winter Quarter;  it has been really fulfilled and challenging so far. I have finally started an internship which I had been prepare for a couple months. Collecting the paper work was the most time consuming process; however, I was glad that both my adviser and my employer had been very supportive and helpful.

It is great to start working on something I have dream of: drawing illustrations for children’s books. I really love to visualize characters that the writer came up with and give life to them. I enjoy doing this internship so much and I am sure I will always work hard on it.

Okay, it is 12:45 in Portland. let’s end this post here and go have a sweet dream. I will start include some pictures next time!

Goodnight : )